Ever wondered what is so special about the brain?

Being a kid in our primary schools, we all have learned that the brain is just another organ like the heart, kidneys, liver, etc; But is it just an organ? I guess NO. Have you ever seen an Alzheimer’s patient? Do they behave the same way as you do? Their brain would have shrunk as they lost millions of neurons, but do they act the same way as another patient with kidney dysfunction or liver failure.? Have you ever realized that the identity of a person itself is absent in a patient with brain disorders.? . So what does this tell you? It is beyond an organ.. it is what makes you who you are and what you are…?

As a researcher, I learn more about the brain every day, so let’s talk about the brain. Let’s question the functions of this mysterious organ (in my terms). How do we learn? What leads to various neurological and neurodegenerative disorders? And why it is difficult to treat a brain disorder.
Let’s discuss them!

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